Comprehensive Reports

After all participants have completed the health age assessment, a comprehensive report is generated using the collated data to ensure absolute confidentiality. This report is used to direct health and wellness programs for the organisation.

The Wellness Assistant will suggest appropriate interventions to help the organisation direct resources appropriately.

Several focus areas specific to the organisation's profile will be identified and comprehensively summarised.

All other areas will be represented graphically to allow for ease of use by the organisation. For a full sample report please contact us.

Report areas include:

General workforce information

Physical health

Psychological health

Workforce planning

Ethics & values of the organisation

Cardiovascular health

Medical history

Musculoskeletal injuries & pain

Example snapshots:

Musculoskeletal injuries & pain

This was defined by the question “do you have any muscle, bone or joint pain or soreness that is made worse by particular types of activity?”.

The following key findings were observed:

  • Male workers accounted for 73 of injuries per 1000 in your workplace
  • Workers aged 15-24 years recorded the highest incidence rate of work-related injury, 64 injuries per 1000 workers
  • 63% of injured workers had multiple injuries

It I advised that an appropriately trained physiotherapist perform a workplace task analysis to assist with any changes.


A large portion of your workforce identified as a “smoker”. This is especially high when compared to the Australian national average of 13.3% of Australian adults over 18 years. Smoking is a large risk factor for respiratory and heart disease as well as several types of cancer.

Consider running a “quit” style education program in your workplace and provide support where able. is a great place to begin as it provides several resources such as posters, flyers and a mobile application.

Ethics & values of the organisation

A large number of respondents felt the organisation's culture was poor. This was defined by 44% either “disagreeing” or “strongly disagreeing” to the statement “the corporate culture of my current employer is high (clear values and ethics)”.

Consider performing a review of your current business values and ethics to gain feedback about what is currently working well and potential areas that could be improved.