Health Age Assessment

The online health age assessment has been designed to provide participants with instant feedback about their health. It identifies areas that require improvement, along with positive reinforcement of healthy lifestyle factors. This feedback is the first step to a stronger, healthier and happier workplace.

The online assessment covers 52 different variables, allowing for a more accurate calculation of health age when compared with a standard face to face health screen (15 variables). The following areas are covered in a de-identified manner:

  • Medical history – including any medications
  • Musculoskeletal injuries and pain
  • Physical and sedentary activity
  • Medical risk factors – weight, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose, alcohol consumption
  • Psychological health – including depression, anxiety and stress
  • Sleep patterns
  • Career opportunities, views on corporate culture and engagement

Upon completion of the health age assessment, an instant health age and risk factor score is generated for the participant to save or print.

After all participants have completed the health age assessment, a comprehensive report is generated using the collated data to ensure absolute confidentiality. This report is used to direct health and wellness programs for the organisation.

More information about the comprehensive report is provided here.

How is 'Health Age' calculated?

The ‘Health Age’ process involves a series of calculations that compare a person’s measurements and questionnaire responses to norms for the general population. Based on these comparisons, scores are generated for each variable assessed. These scores are weighted according to the relative importance of the variable for life expectancy and general quality of life. The weightings are based on World Health Organisation and Australian population burden of disease statistics that rank variables relative to the contribution they make to health and/or disease.

Measurements of major risk factors, lifestyle behaviours and other self-report responses can all be included in the calculation of Health Age. Health Age should be interpreted as the ‘health age equivalent’ or ‘health profile’ the client has relative to the health status of the general adult population using the variables measured or entered in to the program. For example, a Health Age of 45 years means the client’s health profile is equivalent to the average 45 year old in the general population.